Accommodation & Registration


Workshop registration package of $300 includes

  • workshop fee
  • two breakfasts
  • two lunches
  • workshop dinner including reception (Thursday, 24 October)
  • two coffee breaks per day

Registration fees should be paid to the “Queen Mary” Hotel. Accommodation should be payed separately according to the choice of room and number of nights (see below).

The registration fees ($300) will be charged to your credit card at the time of registration, while the room fees will be charged at checkout.


There are two types of rooms presently offered:

  • Standard Room with 1 Full Size Bed $129 per night
  • Harbor View Deluxe King $149 per night

The “Queen Mary” hotel adds registration fees to the price of the room and shows the price per night so that the total price of the package is equal to the price of your room for the duration of your stay plus registration fees.

Some additional taxes and fees are applicable and can be seen by clicking on the link “View Price Breakdown” under the room price. In the price breakdown, the registration fees will be added to the price for the first night.

Booking by using the link below is possible for October 23-25 only. If you need to extend your stay, please,
(i) make booking for October 23-25 and
(ii) send an email to and ask for changing your booking by referring to the reservation number obtained in the step (i).
(iii) request to extend your reservation for accompanying persons (if any).

Be aware that registration fees are applied to any guest who is booking using the group code even if you book for two persons. Therefore, please, make reservation for workshop participants only and add accompanying persons separately as described above.

Room price ($129 * 2):258,00
Additional taxes and fees:73,10
Registration fees:300,00

Booking and Registration